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We understand the need in southern Nevada for a nonprofit organization that will provide a one-stop resource venue to help facilitate the successful development of the Hispanic community while serving the overall community.

Through social and educational services, we assist individuals and families to help them understand the process to becoming an effective and productive member of society, and help them to overcome the barriers to reach their goals.

Your support of our programs and services will help us achieve our mission in the lives of those we endeavor to serve, as we strive to help them maximize their potential through in-house educational and social services and by connecting them to other nonprofit organizations. Thank you!


HAPI is a new community resource center established to serve primarily but not exclusively, the Hispanic Community of Southern Nevada. The organization is growing through the invaluable support of our partners and volunteers in an outcome oriented plan that includes Educational, Social, and Personal Development programs and services.



To establish a platform for the successful development and outstanding performance of the Hispanic Community through a network of partnerships while serving the overall community.


To serve as liaison between the Hispanic Community and the vast social and educational resources of Nevada, while serving the overall community, in order to enhance their personal development, maximize their potential, and promote their success.